Save the Date! We’re plannning a LUNCHEON!

Ladies! stayed tuned for more information regarding a meeting/luncheon for September 2021! We are anxiously awaiting new information from JoAnn at Lakelands Country Club regarding state regulations on ‘meetings and gatherings’ (they are different from regular restaurants). All our plan revolve around the regulations and rules set forth by the state. We are anxious to see the July 1st date to release all restrictions, and see how it will affect our plans. We will be sending out BLAST notices and NEWSLETTERS along with your membership BILLING renewal in the next few weeks. If you have any questions when you receive those communications, you can contact any board member. When you get a blast notification on email, you can respond back to Chris Miller and she can help you too.

If we get the go ahead, we are hoping to have a luncheon on September 15, 2021. It will be wonderful to see you all again. There will be some changes (aren’t there with just about EVERYTHING), but meeting together as a group and beginning a new year of trips and activities sure sounds good to us.

This is all I can tell you for now, and I hope you are checking the ‘front page’ of our website weekly to see what’s new and what’s up.

We will post new information as we receive it.

Within this website you can look at a directory, print off a COLOR newsletter, read the minutes and agenda from the most recent meeting, look at our financial reports, etc.  You must be a REGISTERED members of our club to access the inner pages. 


If you are interested in having internet access to our website, please contact Chris Miller our communications chair, and let her know.    She will work with you regarding passwords and such.  This front page is available to anyone who would like to view it.   The ‘inner pages’ for members give you access to the current  (and past issues) of newsletters, minutes and agendas,  complete membership lists (from any computer or device),  along with notes and job descriptions for board positions.   We encourage all members to request access (if they haven’t done so already).  You can join from the membership drop down above, and once approved you will be IN!, or you can email Chris Miller at and she will assist you.  Please consider signing in soon! 

Thank you Voters!  

To all of you who voted in our recent board elections, THANK YOU!  we had a record number of ballots returned to us via email and our new board will be installed at our first meeting back after this pandemic is over!   We had over HALF of our membership respond to the request for Yea or NEY vote via email.   Thank you Thank you Thank you.  


If you are interested in joining our FACEBOOK group, please go to GROUPS on your Facebook page and search NEWCOMERS AND FRIENDS OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY then send a REQUEST to become a member. You will then receive a notice of acceptance.  If you like to take pictures of Brighton or your group activities (maybe some have never even SEEN a Majong board set up!)….you can post your pictures on our FB page.  It’s private and fun to see what is going on!  Post those pictures ladies! 

Welcome to our new members!  Our membership is actually growing during this Pandemic.  Consider passing a membership form along to a new neighbor, or friend in Livingston County.  Thanks for joining us.  We’ll see you at the luncheons and in activities when our world returns to ‘normal’.