Have a Great Summer – See you in the Fall!

Membership remains open….

 A number of our club activities will continue over the summer months as the activity chairs choose to do.   Please contact your current activity-chairperson to find out if they will continue to meet over the summer.  The board has met to begin plans for the 22-23 club year.  

All board meetings are open to the membership.  The next meeting will be in August.   If you would like to attend, please contact the club president to reserve your seat.    

Thank you to everyone who attended our last club meeting of the 21/22 season.  The ‘singing Quilt Lady’ was outstanding and the quilts were exquisite~  Thank you to everyone who made this year happen successfully.    See you in the fall. 



Club luncheons, dinner meet ups, card games, knitting and book clubs are meeting again.

Our ‘movie day’ group is meeting again on Tuesdays at Brighton Cinema (meetups are announced in the BLAST emails)

.  If you sign up to be a Cinema member, you can get free popcorn on these 5.00 days!!  no rsvp needed, just watch the BLAST for info on which show and which row! 

Big shout out to those members who have volunteered to be ‘greeters’ at our front door this year. It makes a difference to see a smiling face and make our members feel welcome to our luncheons. We appreciate your willingness to do your part to make each meeting a bit more welcoming.  If you would like to sign up for the upcoming luncheons beginning in September, watch for notifications in the August Newsletter or the BLAST notifications. 

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Contact your VP, communications chair. She can assist you with access issues.

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Quick Updates:

NCLC is on FacebookCLICK HERE TO SEE NEWCOMERS ON FACEBOOK!  If you are interested in joining our FACEBOOK group, follow above link or Search “NEWCOMERS AND FRIENDS OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY” and simply REQUEST to Join our Group. (Might take a few days to get approved, but we will get you in.)   If you like to take pictures of Brighton or your group activities (maybe some have never even SEEN a Majong board set up!)….you can post your pictures on our FB page.  It’s private and fun to see what is going on!  Post those pictures ladies!   

Mexican Train – Our new Mexican Train Group is having fun and is meeting next June.   (It’s so much fun, maybe we’ll go thru the summer and play on the decks and enjoy the weather! SPRING IS HERE!   

Rummicube -At long last this popular game has a new group forming!  Watch your Friday BLASTS for more info! 

Movies/Films – Our new movie group has begun meeting on Tuesdays !  *Watch for Updates in the BLAST!

Be the ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ – Please consider hosting a meet-up at your home!  Call the activity chair.  (her number is in your membership book) to discuss your interests and what you could do. 

We’re Growing – Welcome to our new members!  Our membership has grown during this Pandemic, but we still have room for more amazing ladies!  Consider inviting a new neighbor or friend in Livingston County to join us.  Thank you!