It’s a new year ladies! Hold on to your HATS!

REMINDER: No Luncheons until further notice.

Welcome back and we hope you are staying safe and well.

Your monthly newsletter will come to you in your email until further notice. It will also be sent via BLAST notice and it’s downloaded to the Facebook page! This is the most cost effective way to send the newsletter to you until we return to regular meetings. Hopefully that will be soon. Please let us know if you have any difficulty opening the attachment when it arrives.

With the extension of the governors pandemic restrictions for our area, we have decided not to try and pull any more meetings together at this time. Our board continues to meet and discuss the possibility of resuming meetings. We can tell you that there will be NO DUES BILLED to you until we are able to resume meetings. We will look at each month and evaluate the possibility of safe meetings for our members. Lakelands has been very helpful in helping us to consider any options.

While we wait for things to change, you may want to sign up for access to this website to see what is INSIDE this website! There are places on this website that are only available to members who are registered as eligible.

Within this website you can look at a directory, print off a COLOR newsletter, read the minutes and agenda from the most recent meeting, look at our financial reports, etc.  You must be a REGISTERED members of our club to access the inner pages. 

HOW DO I BECOME A REGISTERED MEMEBER FOR THE WEBSITE?   all you have to do is use this website (from a computer or laptop not a phone) and ASK to be invited to the site.   You’ll be quickly approved and able to view all things ‘club-related’ immediately!  Even get your newsletter on line wherever you are!   click from the HOME PAGE on   MEMBERSHIP – HOW TO REGISTER FOR AN NCLC WEBSITE and follow the directions.     Register today! 

2021/22 Board Opening! 

It’s that time of year when we vote to replace any outgoing board members!  Our club will only survive and thrive if we all take our turn at helping to keep the wheels turning!  We need YOU!  There is one board opening for the new year.  After giving her all, our own Tina Ferris will be leaving us this year and we will need to fill that board position of ACTIVITIES CHAIRPERSON for NCLC.  You will be receiving a phone call soon to ask if you are interested in serving for a few years on our board.  We are a great bunch of supportive ladies and we would love to have you join us.  Please think about saying YES when the call comes to run for office.  Wouldn’t it be great to have three members ‘run’ for a job!!  Step up ladies and join in the fun.   Contact Kitty Padget if you are interested, or just answer your phone when the call comes!!  



If you are interested in joining our group, please go to GROUPS on your Facebook page and search NEWCOMERS AND FRIENDS OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY then send a REQUEST to become a member. You will then receive a notice of acceptance.  If you like to take pictures of Brighton or your group activities (maybe some have never even SEEN a Majong board set up!)….you can post your pictures on our FB page.  It’s private and fun to see what is going on!  Post those pictures ladies! 

Welcome to our new members!  Our membership is actually growing during this Pandemic.  Thanks for joining us.  We’ll see you at the luncheons and in activities when our world returns to ‘normal’.