Summer Newsletter is in your email inbox!

Thank you to all who voted in our recent election!   Be sure to read the new Summer Newsletter for all the June, July and August birthdays.   Many of your activities will be meeting over the summer, so check with your chairpersons to make sure of the schedules for summer months.   Some groups will resume in the fall.  New groups are always welcome, and if you are so inclined to begin a new group, please call our ACTIVITIES CHAIRPERSON listed in you directory.   Up to the DAY membership lists are published each month on this website in FOR MEMBERS ONLY.   All the new members and any changes to emails/addresses or phones are also listed there.   New Directories are only published once a year in October, so be sure to check the WEBSITE directory if you need an address or phone #.  Friday BLAST emails will continue thru the summer.     


To attend luncheons and take part in any trips or other events, you need to be a registered/paid member of our club. 

New groups are forming all the time, and we encourage you to sign up for groups you may be interested in.  There is a new Majong group and a new pinochle group that almost always needs subs.   

The Connoisseurs dining group is in full swing and enjoying local restaurants.   There are members waiting to form a new EUCHER and Rummicube group.   Perhaps YOU will consider hosting and having fun?

Watch for your FRIDAY BLAST notices in your email in-box every Friday with updates on what is new and exciting for our club and for our town.  Current newsletters are  placed on our website, and on our Facebook page at Newcomers and Friends of Livingston County.    If for some reason you are not receiving your emails, please contact our VP for communications, listed in your membership book. 

All board meetings are open to the membership, and take place the week BEFORE the Luncheon event.   If you would like to attend, please contact the club president to reserve your seat.  All are welcome, RSVP’s are appreciated as space is limited in private homes. 

Newsletters for the new month should be in your email by the third week of each club month. If you don’t receive it, please email to your communications board member. a.s.a.p.    


Club luncheons, dinner meet ups, card games, knitting and book clubs are meeting again and may continue over the summer as the group agrees.  

Our ‘movie day’ group is meeting again on Tuesdays at Brighton Cinema (meetups are announced in the BLAST emails)

If you sign up to be an MJR Cinema member, you can get free popcorn on these 5.00 days!!  no rsvp needed, just watch the BLAST for info on which show and which row! 

Big shout out to those members who have volunteered throughout the year for various committees and events.  We can only keep this club running with your continued participation.   Even the smallest of jobs are a big help when people offer to assist.  Please consider running for board service in the next election.  Ask a current board member what it takes to BE a board member, and you may find it’s exactly the best way to get to know people and contribute.   

Are you a member?  Are you having trouble Logging into this site?

Contact your VP, communications chair. She can assist you with access issues.

As A Member you have full access to:

– NCLC Member Directory

– The Current COLOR newsletter (and archived editions)

– Activity reservations & Treasurers reports

You must be a REGISTERED member of our club for access

NCLC is on FacebookCLICK HERE TO SEE NEWCOMERS ON FACEBOOK!  If you are interested in joining our FACEBOOK group, follow above link or Search “NEWCOMERS AND FRIENDS OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY” and simply REQUEST to Join our Group. (Might take a few days to get approved, but we will get you in.)   If you like to take pictures of Brighton or your group activities (maybe some have never even SEEN a Majong board set up!)….you can post your pictures on our FB page.  It’s private and fun to see what is going on!  Post those pictures ladies!   

Mexican Train – Our new Mexican Train Group is having fun and is meeting the first Tuesday of every month.  

Rummicube -At long last this popular game has a new group forming!  Watch your Friday BLASTS for more info! 

Movies/Films – Our new movie group has begun meeting on Tuesdays !  *Watch for Updates in the BLAST!

Be the ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ – Please consider hosting a meet-up at your home!  Call the activity chair.  (her number is in your membership book) to discuss your interests and what you could do. 

We’re Growing – Welcome to our new members!  Our membership has grown during this Pandemic, but we still have room for more amazing ladies!  Consider inviting a new neighbor or friend in Livingston County to join us. 



Thank you!