About NCLC

Mission Statement

The Newcomers & Friends of Livingston County is a social group open to all new and current community members. We strive to provide an atmosphere of friendship and good will. Our goal is to appreciate each other’s unique talents, to enjoy, to encourage, and to support one another.

NCLC Description

Whether you are new to the community or a long time resident and are just learning about us, we welcome you! We are a non-profit social organization open to residents of Livingston County. Our current membership is 300+ women who participate in and enjoy the wealth of activities, interest groups, and friendships we offer. As an organization, we strive to provide an atmosphere of friendship and good will while offering ways for residents to become better acquainted with the community. Our goal is to appreciate each other’s unique talents, and to enjoy, encourage, and support one another.

As a member, you can choose to be as active as you wish. Newcomers & Friends is a social group that offers you the opportunity to meet new people and establish new friendships through attending luncheon meetings, coffee/brunches, joining book clubs or activity groups, taking trips together…doing whatever interests you and fits your lifestyle.

NCLC Luncheons are held in September, October, November, March, April and May and consist of a pre-luncheon social time, excellent food, and an interesting program following dessert. As an organization we try to satisfy the needs and interests of our membership, so the programs at these monthly luncheons are varied in nature and often include the many treasures of the area. We do have a yearly  Fall fashion show and pop up boutique presented in October by The Coral Sash in South Lyon, using some of our very own members as models!  Each meeting begins with a social time at 11:30, lunch served at 12:00, and a short program following lunch. Each luncheon is priced in the preceding Newsletter.  Prices vary each month. 

Members also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of interest and activity groups that meet monthly throughout the year. These smaller groups are another way for members to make new friends while taking part in an activity of common interest. Click on “Things To Do” in the side panel for more information on these small group activities.  New Member Meetings/gatherings are planned for each month.  

The NCLC Membership Application and Renewal Form can be found HERE.  Open this file, print it, and follow the mailing instructions included on the page to enroll as a new member, or to RENEW your membership each year.

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