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Board of Directors

Board_Position Board_Member_Name Phone_Number Email_Address
President Kitty Padget 810-360-7195
Vice President /Communications Chris Miller 810-923-2802
Membership Lyn Vandelaar 734-777-3814
Secretary Janet Groves 517-242-1800
Treasurer Cathy Yagelo 810-588-4257
Activities Bev Nowicki 219-306-9358
Programs Tamara Hendricks 810-599-3017
Publications Wendy Himebaugh 248-504-1155
Reservations Jane Murdock 810-231-8721/810-923-2497
Secretary: Janet Grove 810-229-9206
Hospitality Diane Tryon 734-878-3415

Event Coordinators

Event/Activity_Name, Event_Coordinator_Name, Phone_Number, Email_Address

Book Clubs

Book Club Deluxe, Bonnie Davis, 517-552-2799, Currently Closed,

Book Encounters of the Third Kind, Pauline Druschel, 810-225-0840, Currently Open,

Bookish Babes, Pauline Druschel, 810-225-0840, Currently Open,

Free Spirits, Nancy Yuochunas, 765-430-9330, Currently Open,

Literal Divas, Barb Sperry, 810-227-4726, Currently Closed,


Brunch Club

Brunch Club, Cindy Perlman, 810-599-3684, Currently Open, (r.s.v.p.), will resume in fall. 

Card Clubs

Bridge, Leader needed, call Tina Ferris, 734-578-1344, tferris6378@gmail.comanasta

Canasta Hand & Foot 1, Irene Gauthier, 810-231-4958, Currently Closed,

Canasta Hand & Foot 2, Claudia Cameron, 810-750-2249, Currently Open,

Euchre Ladies 1 (Euchre-ettes), Nancy Stockman, 734-878-5887, Currently Closed,

Euchre Ladies 2 (Winner’s Circle), Claudia Garrett, 313-303-7616, Currently Closed,

Euchre Ladies 3 (High Noon), Irene Stebila, 734-449-9795, Currently Closed,

Euchre Couples 1 (Jacks & Queens), Jomarie Debreczeny, 810-229-8762, Currently Closed,

Euchre Couples 2, Claudia Garrett, 313-303-7616, Currently Closed,

Pinochle Ladies 1 (Pinochle 1), Judy Volk, 248-684-9034, Currently Closed,

Pinochle Ladies 2 (Stacked Decks), Diane Briggs, 517-292-6789, Currently Closed,

Shanghai Rummy, Vivien Mittelsdorf, 248-515-8685, Currently Open,


Craft Group Meet-up, Arts/crafts, Chris Miller 810-923-2802 and Jane Murdock co-chairs. Meets monthly with date posted on website and in BLAST news email.  Open to all members interested each month. Will resume in fall. 

Knit-Purls, Sue Byrum, 810-599-3383, Currently Open,

Good Yarns, Diane Krueger, 810-444-6231, Currently Open,

Dinner Clubs

Ladies Dining Out, Janet Willis, 517-546-1418, Currently Closed,

Pot Luck Dinner Group, will resume in fall. 

Fun and Games

Bunco/Daytime, Joan Fahrner, 810-229-6111, Currently Closed,

Bunco/Evening, Clementine Billel, 810-220-4264, Currently Closed,

Bunco Babes/Evening, Linda Lyke, 810-227-0923, Currently Closed

Mah Jongg (Dragon Ladies), Adele Stocker, 517-304-0000, Currently Closed,

Mah Jongg (Crack-Ups), Currently OPEN to new attendees, call Tina Ferris, 734-578-1344,


9-Hole Golf,  Currently Open,  Tamera Hendricks,   810-599-3017, 

18-Hole Golf, Wendy Himebaugh (248) 504-1155 , Currently Open, 


Dinner Theater (couples and singles welcome), Chris Miller, 810-923-2802, Currently Open,  will resume in fall. 


In The Know, Sherry Smith, 810-227-2857, Currently Open (r.s.v.p. as space is limited),