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Board of Directors

Board_Position Board_Member_Name Phone_Number Email_Address
President Kitty Padget 810-522-5698 kittypadget@gmail.com
Vice President /Communications Chris Miller 810-923-2802 jimchris68@gmail.com
Membership Lyn Vandelaar 734-777-3814 lynvan1@aol.com
Secretary Barbara Rusch 734-717-2402 barbrusch@gmail.com
Treasurer Janet Groves 517-242-1800 janet.s.groves@gmail.com
Activities Bev Nowicki 219-306-9358 bvnowicki@comcast.net
Programs Tamara Hendricks 810-599-3017 thehendricks@yahoo.com
Publications Wendy Himebaugh 248-504-1155 whimeba@gmail.com
Reservations Judy Spry 517-618-7145 judyspry@att.net
Hospitality Cynthia Gehlert 810 588-7094 csgehlert@yahoo.com

Event Chairs

Book Clubs

Book Club Deluxe, Bonnie Davis, 517-552-2799, Currently Closed, bjdflyer@aol.com

Book Encounters, Pauline Druschel, 810-225-0840, Currently Open, pdruschel@comcast.net

Bookish Babes, Pauline Druschel, 810-225-0840, Currently Open, pdruschel@comcast.net

Free Spirits, Nancy Yuochunas, 765-430-9330, Currently Open, yuochunas@comcast.net

Literal Divas, Barb Sperry, 810-227-4726, Currently Closed, hsperry187121mi@comcast.net

BOOK Talk, Chris Miller 810-923-2802, Currently Open jimchris68@gmai.com 

To CREAT a new book club, contact Activities Chairperson Beverly Nowicki

Brunch Club

Brunch Club, Tamara Hendricks, 810-599-3017, Open, (r.s.v.p.),  tfhendricks@yahoo.com 

Card Clubs


Canasta Hand & Foot 1, Irene Gauthier, 810-231-4958, Currently Closed, irenegauthier@charter.net

Canasta Hand & Foot 2, Claudia Cameron, 810-750-2249, Currently Open, wamblamcam@gmail.com

Euchre Ladies 1 (Euchre-ettes), Nancy Stockman, 734-878-5887, Currently Closed, nanstockman@yahoo.com

Euchre Ladies 2 (Winner’s Circle), Claudia Garrett, 313-303-7616, Currently Closed, garrett.claudia@yahoo.com

Euchre Ladies 3 (High Noon), Irene Stebila, 734-449-9795, Currently Closed, fstebila@yahoo.com

Euchre Ladies (Tricksters), Mary Lusk, Karen Jennings, Currently Closed, kjennings369@gmail.com

Euchre Couples 1 (Jacks & Queens), Jomarie Debreczeny, 810-229-8762, Currently Closed, jomariesoszynski@att.net

Euchre Couples 2, Claudia Garrett, 313-303-7616, Currently Closed, garrett.claudia@yahoo.com

Pinochle Ladies 1 (Pinochle 1), Judy Volk, 248-684-9034, Currently Closed, javolk44@netzero.net

Pinochle Ladies 2 (Stacked Decks), Diane Briggs, 517-292-6789, Currently Closed, dianebriggs468@yahoo.com

New Pinochle’ group:  Hosted by Bev Nowicki, 219-306-9358, (subs needed), bnowicki2@gmail.com 

Shanghai Rummy, Vivien Mittelsdorf, 248-515-8685, Currently Open, vivmitt@hotmail.com


Craft Group Meet-up, Arts/crafts, Chris Miller 810-923-2802 and Jane Murdock co-chairs. Meets monthly posted on website and in BLAST news email.  Open to all members interested each month.

Knit-Purls, Sue Byrum, 810-599-3383, Currently Open, LeeAndSueByrum@gmail.com

Good Yarns, Cathy Yagelo, 810-588-4257, ilivewithidiots@gmail.com (meets LAST Monday of month at Lil’ Chef restaurant 12:00

Dinner Clubs

Restaurant Connoisseurs‘, Lyn Vandelaar, lynvan1@aol.com, 734-777-3814, Kitty Padget, 810-360-7195, RSVP for each event.

Ladies Dining Out‘, Marilyn Bray, 810-220-8250, marilynbray@comcast.net

Fun and Games

Bunco/Daytime, Joan Fahrner, 810-229-6111, Currently Closed, jcfahrner@sbcglobal.net

Bunco/Evening, Clementine Billel, 810-220-4264, Currently Closed, cmbillel@comcast.net

Bunco Babes/Evening, Linda Lyke, 810-227-0923, Currently Closed Linda.Lyke@att.net

Mah Jong (Dragon Ladies), Adele Stocker, 517-304-0000, Currently Closed, adelestocker@yahoo.com

Mah Jong (Crack-Ups), Currently OPEN to new attendees, call Bev Nowicki, Activities Chairperson

Mexican Trains/Daytime, Sue Pederson, 248-766-8060, First Tuesday of Month, email or text ONLY  suemacpeder@gmail.com 

Rummicube DayTime, Kris Lockwood, 810-348-2658, Third Tuesday of Month,   memelockwood@yahoo.com   


9-Hole Golf,  Currently Open,  Tamera Hendricks,   810-599-3017,  tfhendricks@yahoo.com 

18-Hole Golf, Wendy Himebaugh (248) 504-1155 , Currently Open, whimeba@gmail.com 


Theater (couples and singles welcome), Chris Miller, 810-923-2802, Currently Open, jimchris68@gmail.com.

Meet up dates listed in email BLASTS and Newsletter


“In The Know”, Sherry Smith, 810-227-2857, Currently Open (r.s.v.p. as space is limited), Sept-May  smithdsm676@gmail.com

MOVIE GOERS   Tuesdays are cheap movies and free popcorn for ‘members’ at the Brighton Cinema.  Notifications come via the BLAST notice when they are scheduled.   Select seats in rows E & F and gather for a quick group chat in the lobby by the bar after the show.   Watch for notice in the BLAST emails on Fridays or special notices.

Meet up dates will be listed in email BLASTS and Newsletters  Ilivewithidiots@gmail.com