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2024-2025 Board of Directors

Board_Position Board_Member_Name Phone_Number Email_Address
President Wendy Himebaugh 248-504-1155 whimeba@gmail.com
Vice President /Communications Lyn Vandelaar 734-777-3814 lynvan1@aol.com
Membership Miki Juckno 810-588-8065 mjuckno@att.net
Secretary Tamara Hendricks 810-599-3017 tfhendricks@yahoo.com
Treasurer Janet Groves 517-242-1800 janet.s.groves@gmail.com
Activities Eileen Isotalo 248-231-8081 eileeni@umich.edu
Programs Kathie Janego 810-923-0282 katherinejanego@gmail.com
Publications Pamela Olech 810-599-2959 polech1959@gmail.com
Reservations Judy Spry 517-618-7145 judyspry@att.net
Hospitality Cynthia Gehlert 810 588-7094 csgehlert@yahoo.com

Activity Chairs

Book Clubs

Book Club Deluxe, Bonnie Davis, 517-552-2799, Currently Closed, bjdflyer@aol.com

Book Encounters, Pauline Druschel, 810-225-0840, Currently Open, pdruschel@comcast.net

Bookish Babes, Pauline Druschel, 810-225-0840, Currently Open, pdruschel@comcast.net.

Book Talk, Chris Miller, 810-923-2802, Currently Open, jimchris68@gmail.com 

Brunch Club

Brunch Club, Tamara Hendricks, 810-599-3017, Open, RSVP, tfhendricks@yahoo.com 

Card Clubs

Learning Bridge, groups are formed to learn bridge as members are interested, Mary Shauger, 734-878-5394, mshauger5@msn.com

Euchre Ladies (Euchre-ettes), Claudia Cameron, 810-240-7994, Currently Closed, claudicamcamlake@gmail.com

Euchre Ladies (Winner’s Circle), Claudia Garrett, 313-303-7616, Currently Closed, garrett.claudia@yahoo.com

Euchre Ladies (High Noon), Irene Stebila, 734-449-9795, Currently Closed, fstebila@yahoo.com

Euchre Ladies (Tricksters), Mary Lusk, 734-550-9440, marybeelusk@gmail.com, Karen Jennings, 734-306-1185, kjennings369@gmail.com, Currently Closed.

Euchre (Newbees), Kris Lockwood, 810-348-2658, memelockwood@yahoo.com

Euchre Couples, Claudia Garrett, 313-303-7616, Currently Closed, garrett.claudia@yahoo.com

Pinochle 1, Judy Volk, 248-684-9034, Currently Closed, javolk44@netzero.net

1st Friday Pinochle, Eileen Isotalo, 248-231-8081, eileeni@umich.edu

Pinochle Too, (NEW), Bev Nowicki, 219-306-9358, (subs needed), bvnowicki2@gmail.com 

WF&T Pinochle, Linda Lawrence, 810-287-7375, doublel.528@outlook.com

Canasta Hand & Foot, Bev Nowicki, 219-306-9358, bvnowicki2@gmail.com, Loretta Powell, 313-801-2556, powellloretta6@gmail.com


Crafts, Chris Miller 810-923-2802, jimchris68@gmail.com.

Knit-Purls, Sue Byrum, 810-599-3383, Currently Open, LeeAndSueByrum@gmail.com

Good Yarns, Cathy Yagelo, 810-588-4257, ilivewithidiots@gmail.com  

Dinner Clubs

Restaurant Connoisseurs, Lyn Vandelaar, 734-777-3814, lynvan1@aol.com, Kitty Padget, 810-360-7195, kittypadget@gmail.com

Dining Out #Deux, Marilyn Bray, 810-220-8250, marilynbray@comcast.net

Couples Supper Club,  Kitty Padget, 810-360-7195, kittypadget@gmail.com 


Bunco, Joan Fahrner, 810-229-6111, jcfahrner@sbcglobal.net

Mahjong (Dragon Ladies), Adele Stocker, 517-304-0000, Currently Closed, adelestocker@yahoo.com

Mahjong (Crak-Ups), Currently OPEN to new attendees, call Bev Nowicki, Activities Chairperson, 219-306-9358, bvnowicki2@gmail.com

Mexican Train, Madelyn Dobos, 248-982-9644, mcdobos@aol.com

Mexican Train (NEW), Pat Evans, 206-384–2660, pje124@gmail.com

Rummicuties, Miki Juckno, 810-588-8065, mjuckno@att.net

Rummikub #2, Kris Lockwood, 810-348-2658, memelockwood@yahoo.com   

Rummikub, Pat Evans, 206-384-2660, pje124@gmail.com


9-Hole Golf, Currently Open, Tamara Hendricks, 810-599-3017,  tfhendricks@yahoo.com 

Lovely Ladies 18-Hole Golf, Wendy Himebaugh (248) 504-1155 , Currently Open, whimeba@gmail.com 


Theater (couples and singles welcome), Chris Miller, 810-923-2802, Currently Open, jimchris68@gmail.com

Meet up dates listed in email BLASTS and Newsletter


Baker’s Dozen, Diane Shaw, 248-342-4878, Currently Open, dianeshaw1@comcast.net

Movie Goers, Cathy Yagelo, 810-588-4257, Tuesdays are $5.00 movies and free popcorn for MJR Premier Rewards members at the Brighton MJR Cinema. Gather for a quick group chat in the lobby by the bar after the show.  Watch for shows and times in the BLAST emails. Ilivewithidiots@gmail.com